Master Cleanse Cleaning Bundle

Master Cleanse Cleaning Bundle

Counter Culture

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Counter Culture proudly don't kill 99.9% of bacteria. Say what? That’s, right, we’re pro-bacteria. We believe that ‘nuking’ all bacteria does more harm than good, so we clean the way nature has been cleaning for 4 billion years… with probiotics!

Counter Culture's Kitchen Kit is the perfect addition to any household.

Everything you need for a MicrobiHome™ friendly clean without any of the harsh chemicals.

This set includes:

  • Counter Culture All-Purpose Cleaner X 2 Lemongrass and Lavender
  • Counter Culture Probiotic Air + Fabric Refresh X 2 Lemongrass and Lavender 
  • Floor Cleaner Concentrate X 2 Lemongrass and Lavender
  • Hand Soap X 2 Lemongrass and Lavender
  • 1 Body Wash Mandarin
  • Note: We are currently out of the Lemongrass All-Purpose Cleaner so you will receive 3 x Lavender Cleaners