Reusable Takeaway Container
Reusable Takeaway Container
Reusable Takeaway Container

Reusable Takeaway Container


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Takeaway without the waste

RePlated's beautiful, reusable takeaway containers are designed to be used in the same way as a bring-your-own coffee cup.

Take a clean RePlated container to your favourite takeaway, ask them to fill it with your order, eat, wash, repeat. That’s it. Now you can enjoy wasteless takeaway on the go, at your desk, or at home with friends and family.

Each reusable takeaway container is:

  • Standard takeaway size (1 litre)

  • Stackable

  • Lightweight

  • Food safe

  • Microwave safe

  • Dishwasher safe (top shelf, fast or eco wash)

  • Made to last

  • Compatible with our BYO, Swap & Wash and Inhouse systems

Green features

We have worked hard to make our reusable containers as sustainable as possible (and we are always looking for ways to do better).

  • Manufactured in Sydney, Australia

  • Made from 8 recycled plastic bottles (rPET) and glass

  • Better than compostables after 15 uses

  • Circular by design. At the end of its life send your container back to us for recycling into our next generation of products.

Multi-packs available

Also available in 5 and 10 packs, perfect for a family or office.

Reduce your impact on the planet. One takeaway meal at a time.