Lemon Myrtle Water Soluble Concentrate 2 Pack

Re+fresh Byron Bay

  • $16.00

Re+Fresh Water Soluble Essential Oil is a unique formulation – containing ALL natural ingredients and none of the harsh chemicals that are often found in many other household cleaners. Re+Fresh Water Soluble Essential Oil prevents green surface mould, controls bacteria and is proven to be up to 25% more anti-bacterial and anti-fungal than Tea Tree oil. This amazing product can be used for personal care + household cleaning. It is a must for travel or in situations where you need a multi-functioning disinfectant/cleaning agent + have little room…


Simply add 700 ml water, vinegar or even Vodka (Yes Vodka!) to create a super surface/bench cleaner.

Add a cap full to your laundry for divine smelling lemon/lime clothes.

Add to a mop bucket for ultra clean floors and beautifully aromatic rooms!

Ad a cap full to the toilet bowl and flush for a clean smelling toilet.

Add a cap full to your bath…Lie back, relax, get super clean and enjoy!

For a cut or scratch that needs some disinfectant to heal. Add a cap full to warm water and soak the wounded area.

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