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Here & After

Hydrating Cloth Wipes Solution 15ml

Hydrating Cloth Wipes Solution 15ml

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Here & After -Hydrating Cloth Wipes Solution

Create natural and safe reusable cloth wipes in under thirty seconds! One pump of the Here & After Cloth Wipes Solution added to water creates a natural cleaner that is gentle on sensitive skin, to keep your little one comfortable and clean. A quick, safe, mess-free solution with no need for heating and cooling the water. Here & After's two nourishing hydrating wipes blends have been specifically formulated for wetting cloth wipes. Their even distribution in water ensures all wipes are equally infused to give you an effortless clean, wipe after wipe. Combine your cloth wipes solution with reusable cloth wipes and a clean container to create a long-lasting eco swap, that benefits your household for years to come.


● 15ml glass bottle with serum pump top

● Made in Australia

Calming Blend

● Lavender essential oil: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and pain, aids wound healing, soothes skin

● Rosalina essential oil: antibacterial, eases skin irritations and rashes

● Natural solubiliser (plant-based)

● Pentavitin (plant-based)

Earthy Blend

● Bergamot essential oil: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal

● Frankincense essential oil: antiseptic, antimicrobial, strengthens skin, aids wound healing

● Natural solubiliser (plant-based)

●  Pentavitin (plant-based)

The simple solution with so many uses

Unlike other oils which sit on the surface of the water, the Here & After Hydrating Cloth Wipes Solution disperses evenly to create well-infused and safe reusable wipes. Every part of our solution has been created intentionally. The essential oils offer soothing properties for sensitive skin and Pentavitin is clinically proven to support moisture retention of the skin. We added a solibiliser to ensure even distribution across all wipes, so the mixture doesn’t gather on just one or two wipes. So you get a naturally antibacterial wipe that is safe and effective. All these goodies help to naturally protect your baby’s skin during nappy changing without the use of harsh toxins. They’ve taken the time and guesswork out of essential oil-to-water ratios so you can feel confident as a parent. Continue to reduce toxic products in the home when you use the hydrating solution as a bath time substitute. One pump added to the bath is the perfect calming ritual before bedtime. If used for wipes every second to third day, one beautiful bottle will last three months and can be repurposed or recycled once empty.

Essential oils benefits

●Here & After's solution is made from 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. It contains no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances and is safe for sensitive skin.

●The gentle formula is safe on sensitive skin and helps to reduce irritation and improve moisture retention.

●Essential oils benefits include reducing redness and skin irritation, support healing wounds, and antibacterial properties.

●Save money when you invest in reusable cloth wipes, cloth nappies, and reusable wipes systems.

●Reduce toxic plastics and create a safe and environmentally responsible nursery.

●Here & After's cloth wipes solution is Australian-made and owned.

Essential oil safety and use Safety precautions

Not for consumption

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Flammable -do not bring into contact with flames

Shake well before use

Keep out of reach of children

Keep essential oils out of reach of children and pets.

How to use cloth wipes solution

For use with cloth wipes

Under 6 weeks of age, it is recommended that you only use water and wipes to clean your baby. 6 weeks and older, shake bottle well and add one pump of the hydrating cloth wipes solution to your clean container. Add water and agitate to disperse the solution. There are convenient measurement lines on the inside of the container to help gauge water levels. Add wipes and press down to saturate. Tip or squeeze out any excess water and they are ready to use.

For use in the bath

For a relaxing and moisturising addition to the bath, shake well and add one to two pumps to the bath before filling with water

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