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Honey Jar Beehive OATH Box Stingless Australian Native Bee Hive

Honey Jar Beehive OATH Box Stingless Australian Native Bee Hive

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Colourbond Roof

Handcrafted with love in the heart of Brisbane, this beehive isn't just a home; it's a sanctuary for our cherished native stingless bees. The Original Australian Trigona Hive (OATH) is renowned as the most common and beloved native stingless bee hive, and ours is painstakingly crafted to stand the test of time.

The honey separator has a honey jar for harvesting honey.

Comes with 2x 260ml jars for easily harvesting native bee honey.

About Your New Hive

25mm Hardwood Outdoor Marine Grade Ply with Hoop Pine anti slump bars.

Outside Dimensions – Standard OATH

Width: 200mm

Length: 280mm

Height: 290mm

Thickness: 25mm

Weight: 4.8kg

Volume: 8.6L

3 Tiers for easy splitting

Quality Meets Sustainability: Constructed from 25mm Hardwood Outdoor Marine Grade Ply, fortified with robust Hoop Pine anti-slump bars, this hive is synonymous with durability and dependability. Your native stingless bees will find their perfect haven within these walls.

Harvesting Honey Made Easy: The star of this beehive show is the innovative Honey Super, thoughtfully designed for a harmonious coexistence between beekeepers and our diligent winged companions. And that's not all - the honey separator boasts a dedicated honey jar for effortless honey harvesting, complete with two 260ml jars to collect the liquid gold.


Bees are not included with the hive. If you are looking to get started it is not recommended to purchase an empty hive as getting the bees inside is almost impossible without a source beforehand.

The bees to suit the hive are sub-tropical and only go as far south as NSW. This is not suitable for VIC, SA or TAS.

These hives are sold empty and bees are not included, these will need to be purchased bees will not move in on their own. You can purchase bees from your local native beekeeping group.

Do not place the hive outside until you have purchased bees as they will help manage the humidity inside the hive preventing mould from growing.

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