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Home Compost Bucket
Home Compost Bucket
Home Compost Bucket
Home Compost Bucket

Home Compost Bucket

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Introducing the Go Eco Home Compost Bucket! These buckets are a simple way to composting home. Simply bury the bucket in your garden and let the worms do the work! Each bucket has a capacity of 10L or approximately 10kg of food scraps. 10kg sounds like a lot but it adds up quickly, we highly recommend a minimum of two bins. 

Dimensions: 24cm W x 27cm H

Materials: each bin is made from  certified food-grade virgin polypropylene plastic. It has a life expectancy of 10 years and can be recycled at the end of its useful life.


  • Diverts food waste from landfill
  • Breaks down food waste fast within weeks
  • Add ALL food scraps from the kitchen
  • Eliminates smelly bins and wrigglies
  • Reduces harmful methane gasses
  • The worms and bugs do all the work
  • Super easy to install and out of sight
  • Produces organic soil and natural fertilizer
  • Locking lid keeps rodents and pets out
  • No smells or odours produced
  • Australian invented and manufactured

How many?

1 person = 2 bucket

2 people = 3 buckets

3 people = 4 buckets

4 people = 5 buckets


STEP 1: Find a spot in your garden and dig a hole the size of the Go Eco Compost Bucket, place the bucket in so the rim is just above the soil level.

STEP 2: Remove the locking lid and add your food scraps into the Go Eco Compost Bucket then close the lid to keep out rodents and pets. Continue adding food scraps each day until the bucket is full.

STEP 3: Once your first Go Eco Compost Bucket is full, move onto your next bucket, once full, move to your next bucket or back to your first bucket. No need to empty contents, simply add food scraps to the broken down material.

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