Detox Massage Oil 100ml

Detox Massage Oil 100ml


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A light and quickly absorbed massage oil for your body.  This special blend of plant oils will aid in detoxifying your skin by stimulating and improving your circulation and lymph flow and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

In a base of pure jojoba and sweet almond oil, combined with five key pur essential oils.  It will nourish, protect and assist in improving the tone of your skin.

Bodecare detox massage oil is best used as part of a combined detox routine, including daily dry body brushing, detox bath, increasing water intake, healthy nutrition and regular exercise to enhance your results.

Ingredients:  Pure Australian grown cold pressed jojoba, sweet almond oil, essential oils of grapefruit, lemon, juniper, geranium and eucalyptus.

No therapeutic claim is made or intended for this product.