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Christmas BonBon | Perfume + Pits

Christmas BonBon | Perfume + Pits

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Up your fragrance game and delight your senses this holiday season with our Christmas Bonbon Gift Pack, featuring two of our best-selling products: Pit Balm and a trial vial of Bare & Bloom natural perfume.

🌸 Bare & Bloom Natural Perfume: Prepare to be transported to a sun-kissed garden. This certified vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable natural perfume captures the essence of a warm spring day. Immerse yourself in a symphony of soft floral notes, including jasmine, honeysuckle, and rose tuberose. It's the perfect olfactory journey for those who appreciate the beauty of nature's finest blooms.

🌿 Ingredient Conscious: At our core, we're ingredient conscious. Our commitment to sustainability and natural living is reflected in every bottle of Bare & Bloom. We use only 100% naturally derived and sustainably sourced ingredients, so you can wear this perfume with a clear conscience.

💫 A Unique Experience: Struggling to find a long-lasting natural perfume that's not oil-based? Bare & Bloom is the answer! This parfum is designed to be both fragrant and enduring, ensuring you smell delicious as you walk past.

🌱 Pit Balm: Choose between:

Classic: Simple and effective pit balm to help eliminate odour while still allowing your body to do what it is naturally intended to do - sweat. Its freshly scented with peppermint and clary sage essential oils for an uplifting aroma. Using only natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, it's handcrafted and formulated with love in biodegradable packaging.

Sensitive: Created for those with sensitive skin, this pit balm is designed to be effective at eliminating odour while still allowing your body to sweat naturally - just without the smell. Using only natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, it's handcrafted and formulated with love in biodegradable packaging.

The Bod Society Christmas Bonbon Gift Pack is the ultimate way to pamper yourself or share the joy with a loved one. Experience the best of nature's scents with Bare & Bloom and pair it with the Pit Balm that suits your unique needs. Keep feeling fresh and confident throughout the festive season.

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