Waste Less Workbook Portal

Welcome to the home of the Waste Less Workbook waste assessments and pledges! Be honest with your answers, we're all friends here so don't be embarrassed by your current routine. It will take a little while for you to find your mojo.
Remember we're aiming for progress, not perfection!

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Household Assessment 

It's time to give your household a once-over. We want to know the nitty-gritty, everything from how much waste you throw out each week to your last water usage!
Duration: 15 minutes

Household Finale

Let's discover the impact that your changes have made. Duration: 15 minutes
Note: complete this quiz once you have completed all of the individual room assessments. 

Kitchen Assessment

Let's get started with our first room challenge, the kitchen! Evaluate your current routine and make your first set of sustainable swaps.
Duration: 10 minutes

Kitchen Weigh-in 

Found kitchen week a struggle? Fill out this quiz to see how the small changes you've made are making a difference.
Duration: 10 minutes

Laundry Assessment

The laundry is the often neglected room of your house but is one where you can make drastic changes.
Duration: 10 minutes

Laundry Check-in

Are you ready to find out just how green your laundry routine is? Jump right in
Duration: 10 minutes

Bathroom Assessment

For a tiny room, your bathroom is a big creator of waste. Take the pledge and pick your waste-less challenge for this week. 
Duration: 10 minutes

Bathroom Check

Let's find out how your bathroom swaps and shorter showers have made an impact this week. 
Duration: 10 minutes

Beauty & Grooming Assessment

Looking to get clean and green? Let's measure your current regimen
Duration: 5 minutes

Beauty & Grooming Weigh-in

How did you go? Get in the flow? Let's find out how you went this week
Duration: 5 minutes

On-The-Go Assessment

Are you ready to break-up with single use plastics? It's time that we put you to the test!
Duration: 5 minutes

On-The-Go Check-In

So? How did you find it? Was it easier or harder than you thought to say no to plastic?
Duration: 5 minutes