Nebulizing Diffuser - Banish
Nebulizing Diffuser - Banish
Nebulizing Diffuser - Banish

Nebulizing Diffuser

ECO. Modern Essentials

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Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in its purest form with ECO. Nebulizing Diffuser. Essential oils are atomised directly from the bottle into a fine mist and quickly dispersed into the air. The mist is composed entirely of pure essential oil, resulting in a much stronger aroma. Optimal intermittent function of 10 sec on, 50 sec off for up to 2 hours. Perfect to use around the home or in the workplace.

- Straight from the bottle
- No water required
- Quiet
- Safe & clean 
- Moisture free 
- Intermittent function 10 sec on, 50 sec off 

Note: Oils extracted from woods and roots of plants are much thicker and will clog the Nebulizer. We strongly recommend avoiding using the following essential oils in your Nebulizer: Fennel, Cedarwood, Clove Bud, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Jasmine 3%, Neroli 3%, Patchouli, Rose 3%, Sandalwood 10%, Pine, Vetiver. If you wish to use these oils, you may do so at your own risk, as clogging is not covered under our warranty. Nebulizer is best used in a large space.


1. Lift open the head of the Nebulizer and remove the placeholder green essential oil bottle
2. Remove the dripulator from the essential oil bottle you wish you use
3. Screw the essential oil bottle to the spray head
4. Press the power button to turn on
4. After use, press the power button again to turn power off