Coastal Diffuser
Coastal Diffuser

Coastal Diffuser

ECO. Modern Essentials

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Ceramic essential oil diffuser.

Take control of your atmosphere and create your desired ambiance with Eco Modern Essential Coastal Diffuser

Featuring a bamboo base and a subtle, textured, ceramic lid the Coastal Diffuser will compliment any space and is a beautiful way to indulge in aromatherapy.

Size: 180ml water capacity


  • Auto shut off mist and light settings
  • Continuous or intermittent mist options
  • Bright, weak and pulsating light options
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet
  • Purify the air
  • Smooth mist
  • Timer setting
  • Create a calming atmosphere


Dimensions: 125mm W, 125mm L, 200mm H,
Power Input: DC 24V, 12W
Water tank capacity: 180ml

How to use Coastal Diffuser

1. Remove the cover and inner lid.
2. Fill the water tank to or below the MAX water mark level.
3. Add 6-8 drops of essential oil into the water tank.
4. Place the cover back on.
5.Plug the adapter into the base of the diffuser and then connect and turn on at the household power outlet.
6. Press the "mist" button (left) and select desired setting.
7. Press the "light" button (right) and choose desired setting.
8. To turn off, press the mist button until the mist stops.

Mist setting:

To switch between intermittent mist (30 sec on/30 sec off) and continous mist mode, press switch for 2 seconds until indicator blinks.

Timer setting:

1st click - always on mist
2nd click - 1 hour mist
3rd click - 3 hours mist
4th click - 8 hours mist
5th click - turn off mist

Note: Timer is not interrupted whenever mist mode is changed.

Light setting:

Light mode switch:
1st click - Brighter light
2nd click - Weaker light
3rd click - Pulsating light
4th click Turn off light

Pulsating light: Brightness of light gradually increases and decreases in cycles.

Sleep helper mode: Lamp timer function tailored to turn off lamp in 30 minutes. To activate press switch for 2 seconds until 3 indicators turn on and off one by one. To deactivate, shortly click the switch again. The lamp will be turned off directly. Note: Sleep helper function is only available for "brighter light" and "weaker light" mode.