Citrine Bath Soak 500g

Citrine Bath Soak 500g

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Brighten your bathing experience with this high vibrational Citrine infused bath soak. A blend of magnesium salt to nourish and repair the body is brightly scented with our Citrine essential oil blend to lift the mood, calm the body and tap into a higher energetic state of abundance. A Citrine soak has the power to enhance the abundance in your life, if you allow it to work for you.  

Properties of Citrine

A beam of radiant sunshine, Citrine works to spark inner joy and stimulate the internal passion for life; the kind that will light up the light in your eyes. Supporting the Solar Plexus Chakra, Citrine attracts abundance through cleansing and brightening the energetic field so that all flows easily and with joy.  


Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Calendula, Essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Lemon, Sandalwood and Citrine Crystal Essence

Epsom salts: Packed with magnesium for optimal absorption to calm & revitalise the body.

Himalayan Pink Salt: Full of iron and other essential trace minerals which help the body to absorb the benefits of the complete soak, improve blood circulation and uplift the aura.

Himalayan Pink Salt: Bright and bold calendula is the colour for strengthening the solar plexus and nourishing the liver. It helps with healing on both a physical and emotional level

Essential oils of:

Sweet Orange: A great mood booster; particularly reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also has calming benefits both on the mind and in the body.

Lemon: Cleansing the aura and body leaving you feeling clean and clear-headed and naturally boosting mood.

Sandalwood: A holy herb, commonly used in meditation, Sandalwood is a grounding essence that anoints one with a sense of emotional renewal. It’s sweet woody notes also bring with it anti-viral properties particularly on the skin; which act to cleanse, soothe and tighten skin.

Citrine Crystal Essence