The Swag - Starter Pack
The Swag - Starter Pack
The Swag - Starter Pack
The Swag - Starter Pack

The Swag - Starter Pack

The Swag

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The Swag is made of three different layers (International Patents Pending). Each layer plays a significant role in keeping your produce fresher for much longer! The outer layer of The Swag protects your fruit & veggies and stops the water in the middle layer from drying up. However, it's the two other layers that make the difference. The thicker middle layer absorbs and holds the water, almost like the inner layer of a babies nappy, it draws the moisture away from the babies bottom, or in this case, away from the fresh produce in your Swag. If too much moisture is up against your fruit & veggies - they'll rot quicker! The very inner layer, provides a dryer barrier whilst allowing your fruit & veggies to draw in the air and water they need. This keeps everything Fresher for Longer. 

The Starter Pack is the perfect addition to any sized household. Plus, it’s a cost-effective way to trial The Swag – but we bet, you’ll be back for more!

Your Starter Pack consists of; 

2 x Small Swags, 1 x Long Swag, 1 x Large Swag

  • Small Swag - Width: 37cm X Height: 38cm (opened up and including flap height) 37cm x 24cm not including the flap.
  • Long Swag - Width: 52cm X Height: 38cm (opened up and including flap height) 52cm x 24cm not including the flap
  • Large Swag - Width: 42cm x Height:52cm (opened up and including flap height) 42cm x 38cm not including the flap


Firstly, you must wash your Swags before you start using them (turn them inside out and cold machine wash). Once washed, they will become much more absorbant. 

You need to wash your Swags roughly every two weeks or so.

Bathe your fresh produce and bags in the sink with cold water and a generous splash of apple cider vinegar. Take them out of the sink, ring out, fill with all of your fruit and veg and put in the crisper of your fridge.


The Swag not only saves you money - it saves time! Less rummaging through your fridge and fewer trips to the shops!

All three sizes of The Swag can be used for a variety of vegetables such as grapes, several bunches of herbs, apples, lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. You can have a combination of fruits, veggies and leafy greens all in one Swag! The Long Swag is perfect for longer vegetables, such as celery, spinach and leeks however you can put fruits and veggies that aren’t long or perhaps several bunches of herbs and fold it in half to make it more compact for your unique crisper size. 

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