Moonstone Face Scrub

Moonstone Face Scrub

Daylesford Apothecary

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A gentle moisturising face exfoliant with all natural exfoliating granules from bamboo, this Citrine infused face scrub is crafted to clear blockages and cleanse impurities from the layers of the skin, leaving you refreshed and radiant.

Moisten skin, either using a splash of water or a few spritzes of the Citrine mist. Then, apply a small 10c piece amount of exfoliant onto skin, and gently rub in circular motions. Avoid the eye area or any dry, sensitive areas.

Then wash off, and pat skin dry. Make sure to give your skin some moisture by following with a serum and face cream.

We recommend exfoliating two to three times a week, ideally at the end of the day to give your skin time to breathe. On these days, you can leave your cleanser out of your night routine.


Daylesford Apothecary moonstone range helps to rebalance the hormonal skin shifts that occur during the moon cycle, eliminating toxins from the blood and reducing water retention


Harnessing the power of the moon, our skincare works to subtly rebalance and calm emotions and enhance the intuition. It is especially powerful at strengthening intuition and mental clarity during the time of the full moon.

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