Deluxe Eco-Friendly Tea Bag Range In Jars

Deluxe Eco-Friendly Tea Bag Range In Jars

Little Wildling Co.

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So it seems like you are an insider in the know as you’ve come to drink Little Wildling Co on the reg.

Little Wildling Co's teabag range is the perfect set for any tea lover. Little Wildling Co has designed the most perfect eco-friendly, biodegradable, no toxins, no plastic, staples or baddies tea bags. 

Organic, bio-degradable, no glue, no toxins, no plastic, no baddies.

Made of plant materials instead, these organic tea bags will be your new best friend.

What you get: 6x jars each with 25 tea bags

  • English Breakfast
  • Wild Mr Earl Grey
  • Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle + Lavender
  • Jasmine Green tea, Mint + Rose
  • I Need A Moment
  • I Am A Goddess