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Bee Seed Bombs (6)

Lil' Bit

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Bees are one of the most important creatures on our planet and we rely on them for almost two thirds of our food. Bee populations are under extreme threat due to the use of agricultural chemicals including the ones we use in our own back yards.

Lil'Bit Bee Seed Bombs use a technique that is hundreds of years old. Natural clay protects flower seeds from insects and birds. 

The compost provides organic matter and nutrients. When conditions are right (water, sunlight), the seed ball will break down and the seeds will germinate.

Over time, they will grow into herbs and flowers that provide habitat and food for pollinators. Spring is the best time to "plant" them, to mimic what happens when these plants naturally produce seeds.

Bee Bombs should not actually be buried in soil, just placed (or dropped) on the soil surface. 

Let nature take its course, and the seeds will germinate when conditions are good. Be patient - some of these plants may not bloom the first year, but will reward you with more blooms in subsequent years!

Lil'Bee Seed Bombs are sold in bags of 6 (packaged in biodegradable calico bags with a paper tag) but you can contact us if you are interested in single bombs for party favours, or larger, bulk orders.

Seed mix: Mixed, Organic Annuals to be sewn in summer - NON INVASIVE SPIECIES.

Each ball is approx. inch in diameter and comes in a beautiful, linen, drawstring bag. 

Safe to send all over Australia - Lil' Bit has written authority from each state.

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