Goddess Vibes Gift Box

Goddess Vibes Gift Box

Herbal Hiraeth

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Goddess Vibes Gift Box ✨ ~

The Higher Power, The Meditator, The Witch 🧙🏼‍♀️

Limited Edition, Limited Quantities Available, Only Whilst Stocks Last.

This magical Goddess Vibes Gift Box Contains ~
🌛 Black Sage Herbal Smoke Bundle (~10cm), - 
Astral Travel, Meditation, Spiritual Protection

🌛 Garnet Tumble Stone* - Goddess Energy & Courage

🌛 Rutile Quartz Tumble Stone* - The Illuminator to the Soul, Opening of all chakras, highly Spiritual Stone.

🌛 Wilderwoods Botanical Perfume 15mL

🌛 Palo Santo Stick

🌛 Selenite Rough Rod* (~10cm x 1cm), highly cleansing & balancing.


*Crystals will be intuitively chosen for you, and due to their nature will be individual and may not look like the one advertised.