Jumbo Coconut Bowl Bundle
Jumbo Coconut Bowl Bundle
Jumbo Coconut Bowl Bundle

Jumbo Coconut Bowl Bundle


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Give Me Cocos bowls are made from real coconuts, handcrafted with a lot of love. They are perfect for every meal; smoothies, salads, soups, buddah bowls and much more! By purchasing it, you are helping the planet and giving a special and unique touch to your food.

These bowls have a unique design with inspirational quotes on the outside, created by GiveMeCocos, to motivate your day and keep your negatives away.

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2 x Jumbo Coconut Bowl 

2 x Spoons 

2 x Forks 

Process & Materials

Give Me Cocos are strictly 100% natural. The whole process from collection to cleaning is not harmful in any way. This means that GiveMeCocos products are absolutely perfect to be used with food and beverages.

No more plastic, no more pollution!


It is approx. 30% bigger than the original coconut bowl! Diameter between 15 and 16 cm. Depth is about 7 cm. and volume between 700 and 800ml. Please note that each bowl is individually hand crafted – each one is unique in size, shape, colour, so expect natural variation.  

Care for your coconut

If you take care of them, they can last forever, so treat them with love. We recommend:

  1. Hand wash with warm or cold water.
  2. Do not use in the dishwasher, oven or microwave.
  3. Do not soak for a long period of time.
  4. Do not refrigerate.
  5. Store once it has dried.
  6. Polish with virgin coconut oil every 10 or so uses to restore its smooth and shiny surface.