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Children's & Baby Dry Skin Support Box


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If like millions of children around the world, your child suffers from dry skin conditions, the first thing to do is cut the soap, say no to bubbles and use a very gentle soap on areas where a good wash is needed, let's face it - they are kids!  

I've put this box together for my friend's kids and they love it which has prompted me to place it online as an all in one.  Use the oil wash in the bath, it's a beautiful nourishing gentle wash, just a few squirts from the bottle are needed to give the body a good cleanse. Apply Gentle Baby Balm regularly throughout the day on dry, flaky skin to allow healing and the natural PH of the skin to return and to reestablish natural oil production. The Loving Baby Massage Oil is a beautiful treat for your child before bedtime, not only does the chamomile and lavender soothe the skin, with mum or dads loving touch,  it also soothes the emotions and allows for a restful sleep.

In pack:

Soothing Oil Wash 250ml
Happy Baby Cream 100ml
Gentle Baby Balm 100ml
Loving Baby Massage Oil 125ml

The Our Small World range is ethically made from organic ingredients sourced to soothe baby into their own beautiful small world of dreams. 

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