99r Men's Safety Razor - Banish
99r Men's Safety Razor - Banish
99r Men's Safety Razor - Banish

99r Men's Safety Razor


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The Parker 99R provides perfect balance and the knurling allows an excellent grip even when the fingers are wet. Moreover, the brass made Parker 99R razor is chrome plated. Chrome has been used in the manufacture of this double edge safety razor not only for its superb corrosive resistance properties but also for its rich silver mirror finish.

The Parker Heavy Duty safety razor comes with a twist to open the butterfly mechanism for easy blade replacement. Simply, twist the knob on the bottom of the razor to open the butterfly doors and replace the blade.

The razor has a distinguished knurled handle, heavyweight feel and a unique butterfly door mechanism which is activated by turning the knob at the bottom of the razor. It is a great razor for both new and seasoned wet shaving enthusiasts.


  • Best selling razor for Males
  • Parker 99r Safety Razor
  • Handle Lenght: 10.1 cm
  • Total Lenght: 11 cm
  • Weight: 100 grams

All safety razors on Banish come with a 5-pack Super Chrome blades

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