Supplier Stories: Never a dry moment with Liz from Vatea

Supplier Stories: Never a dry moment with Liz from Vatea

By Sherron Dalziel

Just imagine, dry skin could be a thing of the past....well if Liz Johnson founder of Vatea has her way, this could well be true.

Liz was amazed that so many of her friends and family were suffering from dry skin conditions when gentle sulphate free products could easily ease the problem. So in Sydney in 2016, after much hard work, her gorgeous natural skin hair and beauty product range Vatea was launched. 

"Vatea products are full to the brim with a unique combination of plant extracts and oils." Key ingredients were sourced from the South Pacific, many of which have been used for centuries as the staples of natural healing such as coconut and tamanu oil.

Tamanu oil is pressed from the nuts of the tamanu fruit and has been used for hundreds of years on wounds when it was shown to help "normalise" the appearance of scar tissue and for its anti ageing benefits. Lauric acid in coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as the ability to penetrate better than any other oil. Who wouldn't benefit from this winning combo!

A highlight for Vatea has been winning Best Baby Skin Care Brand, Best Healing Balm and Best Baby Wash in 2018 with The Beauty Shortlist. Liz's family favourites are the Vatea Pure Body Oil, Kind Shampoo and Nurturing Conditioner. 


As Liz sums it up, "We create honest, organic, effective and affordable luxury that can be used by the whole family every day."

This passion and commitment to gentle allergen-free products at Vatea have seen the company become one of the leading natural beauty and baby care brands in Australia.

Vatea have really broken the drought when it comes to dry skin!

We can't wait to discover more of their great additions to the range at Banish.

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