Supplier Stories: Tattoo Balm Co. is as pretty as a picture

Monique Tattoo Balm

By Sherron Dalziel

The number of people with tattoos in Australia is on the rise with 1 in 5 men opting to get 'inked' and 1 in 4 women adding some colour to their lives. Whilst finding a reputable tattoo artist is the first step, the next process is vitally important.

Monique Johnston was well known for her amazing vegan skin care products so when tattoo artist, Nate Tambiah asked if she could create a tattoo suitable aftercare product, she was up for the challenge.

Just over a year ago, Tattoo Balm Co. came into being and Monique and Nate are the very proud business partners.

Getting a tattoo is classed as a medical procedure so doing your research before and after is very important to avoid infection and scarring.  

The companies aim is simple as Monique outlined.
"To provide customers with premium tattoo aftercare that is fully tailored to heal tattoos and lock in ink. Once the client has completed their sitting, they can select their chosen aftercare knowing this is a trusted step in the tattoo process. Tattoo Balm is the eco-conscious premium vegan product achieving amazing results in speeding up and enhancing this healing process."

Easy to apply, the ingredients are all natural and sourced from Australian suppliers as the company is very conscious of reducing their carbon footprint. The packaging too is 100% plastic free, recyclable and bio-degradable.

August last year saw Monique and Nate hanging 5 as they took Tattoo Balm Co to the Hawaii Tattoo Expo in Honolulu. 

"We sponsored some amazing artists and got noticed by the industry over there. Being Aussie amongst a mostly American scene was daunting and very amazing". 

The balm comes in a variety of scents to suit all tastes but for Monique "Paradise" their original creations is the favourite. A combo of Organic Coconut oil and Organic Hemp Seed oil together with the tropical vibe of coconut and pineapple. Almost worth getting a tattoo just to try it!!

If you're thinking of Inking remember the all Australian Tattoo Balm Co. and do it naturally.