Supplier Stories: "Senda" message and travel well


By Sherron Dalziel

We Aussies love to travel, I suppose for us distance is not daunting. But, how we travel, now that can impact everyone. Hayden and Carla found their trip through Asia quite confronting, witnessing the negative impact travellers can have on often already compromised environments.

Yes, the "p" word - Plastic!!! "We were hit once again", said Hayden, "by the impact, plastic has in countries where logistics of waste management and environmental education are not in place. And we made a conscious effort to be part of the solution and started our journey toward plastic free travel".

Many thought-provoking destinations, experiences and kilometres later and Senda Essentials was born. 

Plast Pollution
Launched in November 2018, Senda, (which means trail in Spanish) has created a practical yet beautiful range of travel products that they hope will become as essential as packing a toothbrush. 

"Designed by Travellers for Travellers - and best described as Trail Essentials because they truly are.

Senda's Bamboo Lunchbox is their favourite and ensures takeaway containers are a thing of the past. A daily lunch box for work, it will also take you from a local suburban farmers market to a not so local food stall in Vietnam or French Patisserie. The range includes Bamboo containers, foldable water bottles, mesh bags and wooden cutlery, all the gear you need to journey freely and environmentally consciously in style. 

Carla sums it up beautifully, "as travellers, this is a chance to leave cleaner footprints in the places we gain so much life experience from, yet rarely get the opportunity to give back".

This exciting direction was not the journey this young innovative pair had envisaged for themselves but as they explained, "we saw a real need for change and awareness within ourselves and the travel community and we truly believe this is a journey worth taking."

Senda Essentials should be just that for all of us, a new standard for travel. 

As travellers, we can all lead by example and let's "Senda" very positive message.