Supplier Stories: Meet Hayley from Onya who recycles 715,000 plastic bottles a year

Supplier Stories: Meet Hayley from Onya who recycles 715,000 plastic bottles a year

By Sherron Dalziel

Good ONYA! Banish is thrilled to be able to bring you the ONYA range of mesh produce bags and bread bags made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable at the end of their long lives. From the products to the compostable packaging, every effort has been made to utilise sustainable and recycled materials.

We spoke with Hayley Clarke who outlined the aims of this remarkable B Corp Certified company.

"Our goal at ONYA is to offer customers a well thought out, quality alternative to single-use plastic."


Established in Western Australia in 2004 where Onya's first reusable shopping bag was created, the company has continued its innovation in sustainable single use plastic alternative product development. The bag products are made from rPET material, in other words, recycled plastic drink bottles, and in 2017 ONYA helped rid Aussie landfills and waterways of 715,000 bottles. Of this, 9.24 tonnes of single use plastic drink bottles were prevented going to landfill from produce bag production alone, with an estimated 31,136,040 single use plastic produce bags not having to be used.

Hayley explained, "As more of the world wakes up to the issues of plastic pollution, ever increasing numbers of people will be looking for reusable alternatives. It is our job to provide them with sustainable, responsibly sourced and ethically made innovative products they can rely on to reduce their impact on the planet."

So what can we expect from an ONYA product? Not only are we helping our own war on plastic waste, but we are also managing our effectiveness and waste in the home. The produce bags are compact and can be used as a colander to wash fresh vegetables such as leafy greens. The bread bags look great, of course, but also help reduce the use of plastic and paper bread bags, toggles and ties.
So no excuses when planning your next shop, these compact bags should be in your bag so you always have them "On Ya"!
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