Supplier Stories: It's all in the bag with Saba From My Last Bag

Saba My Last Bag

By Sherron Dalziel

When Saba Beard became aware of the impact of waste on the planet, she was shocked at how enormous the overall problem was and decided to make some changes herself.

Shopping at farmers markets and bulk food stores was a great start but it still saw her coming home with either plastic or paper bags. The paper bags often ripped or spilled and further research revealed that paper bags are actually not a whole lot better. They still had to end up somewhere as either compost or recycling. And... it requires four times more energy to produce paper bags than plastic and seven trucks as opposed to one to transport paper over plastic to landfill. And let's not forget the trees!!!

A one-stop shopping bag was the answer and so this is how My Last Bag came into being. After 18-months of product development, this innovative Byron Bay business was launched in December 2018 and it just makes so much sense!
“My Last Bag aims to create practical easy to use products to help reduce your waste”, explained Saba. Much time and research was involved in sourcing the best sustainable fabric for My Last Bag, which resulted in Saba actually creating her own. 

Cotton is not a sustainable fabric whereas hemp ticks all the boxes. One of the fastest growing plants in the world hemp was also the first to be spun into fibre some 10,000 years ago. This variety of hemp is not, by the way, the one that will see you air guitaring in the whole foods section, so no burning the bags. 

More independent testing and yes more research to create the best closing system and BPA free inner lining. The certified food safe TPU lining is a mixture of hard plastic and soft silicone that is extremely durable and easy to wipe clean. 

There are three products in the My Last Bag range, a small and large bulk food bag and a veggie bag. It's so simple, just scoop, snap and store! No transferring needed from bag to container.

The small food bag is also great for pastry or snacks. With the veggie bags, you just simply take your fruit and veg out, dampen the bag and pop them back in and into the fridge. Your fresh produce will lead a happier healthier and longer life in their new home with less wastage and money saved all round. 

The bags also look great on the pantry shelf and make a great gift in sharing the no more waste message. 

More of the supermarket chains are getting on board finally, and incorporating bulk food sections into their stores so whether you are shopping the markets, whole food stores or the chain stores these bags are a must. 

So scoop, snap and store and make My Last Bag your new best friend. 

As Saba highlights, "of course nobody is perfect! I have days where I forget my water bottle, don’t we all. If we can change our habits if only for 5% of the time, imagine the difference it could make."

We are so excited for this wonderful local business and can’t wait to see what comes next from My Last Bag.