Supplier Stories: How the ocean can help save our seas thanks to Kelp & Co

millie kelp & co

By Sherron Dalziel

There are over 5.25 trillion reasons why, Millie Marconi, created her skincare range “Kelp & Co” - plastic!

The beauty industry is by far one of the biggest players when it comes to its contribution to waste and landfill. The bulk of these products are chemically formulated and then overpackaged in such a way that not only the consumer but now our planet is paying the price. From microplastics within the products themselves to the layers of non-degradable packaging they come in. 

In January 2019, Kelp & Co was founded in a bid to create a greener industry. “We are a millennial beauty start-up, we’re carbon offset, minimally packaged and on our way to a plastic-free supply chain.” Millie explains, “we are encouraging consumers to be more conscientious in their purchases .... the end result cleaner oceans.”

Kelp or seaweed has for many years now been regarded as a “superfood” and it is these very properties that make it such a valuable resource when it comes to skincare. For this very reason, the Kelp & Co Seaweed Face Mask is a favourite of Millie’s. “It is the first instalment of our plastic-free skincare range”. 

Yes, seaweed for the skin, funky right? The vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes that naturally occur in kelp are incredibly beneficial when it comes to our skin. Hydrating and softening it helps to remove toxins and reduce breakouts. The nutrient-rich anti-ageing properties nourish the skin (have you ever seen a fish with wrinkles?)

With natural ingredients, it’s derived from the most wonderous source we are trying to protect. The beauty industry can often be anything but beautiful but we can have a say as to how it evolves by being mindful when we purchase. A huge congratulations to Millie and we look forward to more amazing products in the Kelp & Co range.