Supplier Stories: Getting real with Sarah from 51raw

Nik and Sarah

By Sherron Dalziel

Founders of Byron Bay business 51raw,  Sarah and Nik Vosper, both found themselves suffering from chronic health issues some 5 years ago. Nik was in and out of hospital with cardiac related problems and Sarah was so run down and fatigued she couldn't move from her bed. They had no choice but to massively change their lives....... from the inside out!

First up a strictly organic plant-based raw food cleanse and the results were amazing! From that moment Sarah's world changed. Her palette completely switched and she was craving types of natural unprocessed foods she previously couldn't stand. Likewise, old favourites such as coffee made her feel nauseous. Her energy levels went through the roof and her senses intensified.

"I enjoyed everything I felt, all of the sensations created this rush of euphoria and inspiration in my body. Something I had never felt before. The experience started a fresh page for how I treated my body, it altered my value system. A new path of using food as medicine (fuel)."

And so in 2014, 51raw came into being with a range of products finely tuned to help us on the path to living the best life we can.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are desirable but not always available or practical so 51raw combined the process of dehydrating whole foods and adding flavours to them. 

"We like to inform and inspire, as well as share products that help, people align themselves with their natural state of vibrant health. Revealing truths and information on how whole foods heal is the best way to go about healing ourselves and others."

It's not only what we eat but how we eat and their wide range of bamboo products have simplified the solution. Sarah's favourite product at the moment is The Carry With Me Bamboo cutlery. The untreated wood sets it apart from others on the market so no risk of toxins being transferred and it can break back down 100% into the earth. Great for travelling, takeaways or eating on the run. Rehydrate using a bamboo straw then a quick brush with Tooth Gum paste on your bamboo toothbrush.

Sarah sums it up beautifully "How we treat ourselves and nature goes hand in hand if we pollute our own system we simultaneously pollute our earth and we are furthermore polluting ourselves."

Again it's education and communication and like-minded people sharing their views and ideas on Eco-friendly and healthy living that is the key.

Check out some of the 51raw products now available on the Banish website.... Just imagine a better you!