Supplier Stories: Find your happiness with Nadia from Body Mind Connect

Nadia - Body Mind Connect
By Sherron Dalziel

Yoga is all about "living in the light", developing inner happiness and peace through a clear mind and body connection. 

3 years ago during a yoga class, Nadia Dell'oro of Adelaide Hills realised the yoga mats were actually impeding the whole process. They were either too slippery, not eco-friendly or ethically made, or too heavy.

"Yoga is an expression of yourself, as is fashion", explained Nadia. So instead of boring and toxic plastic and PVC,  she developed the Body Mind Connect eco-friendly yoga mat. Using great colours to compliment the sharpest of yoga gear and made of sustainably harvested tree rubber reinforced with organic coconut fibre it fixed all of her past problems. 

Body Mind Connect
The mission? To bring quality, beauty and sustainability to our yoga practice. The aim? To create a global movement for a sustainable tomorrow.

Launched in Adelaide in 2015, the highlights to date apart from the many happy pilates, yoga and home exercise devotees, would have to be the product being featured in the Australia Yoga Journal.

As Nadia outlined, "We strive to create a natural, sustainable, chemical free, biodegradable and functional product". And at the end of the Body Mind Connect Eco Mats lengthy life, it's into the garden where it breaks down as compost and generates new life, (after looking after ours).

Available in two great colours and with an optional cotton carry strap, this innovative and stylish product is destined to be a must in studios, gyms and homes as this worldwide movement for a plastic-free future gathers momentum.

The more education and awareness of the impacts of PVC polyvinyl chloride, the better the chance for innovation and change. Creations such as Nadia's, are beautiful and functional products showing us such things are possible. Everyday products that are made with Mother Nature as our priority. 

A great gift idea (for you or someone else!), we have the Mind Body Connect Eco yoga mats available now at Banish.