Supplier Stories: Brush it off with Rebecca from Bodecare

Rebecca Bodecare

By Sherron Dalziel

Pure plant bristle body brushes, (try saying that quickly), and wellness products - that's what Bodecare is all about.

Queensland Beauty therapist Rebecca Gaspert had stocked these great products for over 8 years in her beauty salon. "I have been an advocate for the benefits of dry skin brushing for over 15 years after seeing the benefits my clients have received from this amazing practice."

So in 2016 when the business was winding down and after having extreme difficulties looking to source products of the same quality, Rebecca bought the company and since then, it has gone from strength to strength.

Why are the brushes so special? They are completely non-toxic, they are heat treated not chemically treated so totally eco-friendly as too are the wide range of beauty, spa and wellness products - soaks, mists, oils and loofahs to name a few.

Bodecare brush
When asked to name a highlight, it was introducing new products to the Bodecare range such as the Bamboo toothbrushes and a new organic skincare range. A favourite product? "I can honestly say," said Rebecca, "that every product I have in the range is a favourite, I use all of them (yes, I have that many personal brushes!)."

For body, face, hair and teeth there are Bodecare products to keep us looking and feeling our best naturally. 

The company is also focusing on eliminating plastic with boxing new products as they come on board and making sustainable practices a priority.

So brush up on your beauty and body routine and check out Bodecare at Banish.