Supplier Stories: A habit worth forming

Ed Burton Habit cups

By Sherron Dalziel

Q: What do chopsticks and coffee cups have in common.....?
A: They're "Habit"  forming!!!

To Ed Burton, founder of Habit bamboo coffee cups, this was certainly the case.
Ed's morning beach runs in downtown Sydney became his catalyst for change, so appalled was he at the number of plastic bottles and cups littered along one small stretch of beach.

"This ignited a fire in me", he said.  "I wanted to make a change to the products people use every day and their behaviours towards single-use items". Research, a 2018 Kickstarter campaign and overwhelming public support and Ed knew he had something amazing to share.

In April  2019 "Habit" was born. Habit coffee cups are made from bamboo and this is where we can thank the humble chopstick. Bamboo offcuts and scraps from chopstick manufacturing are collected and refined to a powder and used to produce these fabulous cups. If you think of the number of chopsticks in the world, that's a lot of extra wood and how good to think that it's now being put to such a clever and sustainable use.

It's only with the replacing of routines and habitual behaviour little by little that we will get to achieve massive results and a happier, healthier planet. No one wants to share our beautiful coastline with plastic waste.

As in Ed's case, it's often our "habits" that can lead us to make a change and achieve amazing results.

So chop chop, Habit sustainable coffee cups are one really good habit to hold on to.