Upparel: Revolutionising Australia's circular fashion model

Upparel (formerly known as Manrags) is the Australian socks and jocks company that is disrupting the fashion industry. Their approach to fashion at the end of its life looks at reuse, repurpose, and recycling. In this episode, hosted by Lottie Dalziel, we chat to Michael, founder and CEO of Upparel, about where the clothes that you donate really end up and how Upparel is helping brands be accountable for the waste they create.

For Michael, sustainability is about ensuring that we're doing the right thing for our next generation - "it's a journey where we educate ourselves, we become more aware and observant, and as we learn, we develop better practices to make sure we pass on this great planet to the next generation".

When it comes to textiles, Australians are one of the largest consumers with the average Australian purchasing 27 kilos of new textiles each year and throwing out 23 kilos. There is really not a whole lot of transparency with exactly where all of the clothes that we donate and up. In this episode, Michael helps us better understand the process,  the negative consequences of our clothing entering landfill, and what Upparel is doing to take on textile waste.

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