What is e-waste and how to get rid of it?

What is e-waste and how to get rid of it?


Moving house? Spring-cleaning? Or just generally having a big declutter. How exciting! No really, I loovvveee going through my home and evaluating whether having three blenders or an omelette maker is really necessary. This is by far the easiest and best part but what are you meant to do with everything once you’ve said goodbyes. This is where it gets tricky.

E-waste has been thrown into the spotlight after the second season of the ABC’s War on Waste. It includes everything from televisions to computers and kitchen appliances. In Australia, just under 99% of all phone and computer parts can actually be recovered and recycled. So what are you waiting for? Here’s how you can start recycling your e-waste.

TVs and computers

In 2016-17 Australians recycled 60,000 tonnes of this stuff which is apparently pretty good. Do you have something you are ready to part with? Try organisations like TechCollect – or better yet be mindful of your choice, do you really need a new television? And if it is still in good knick are there any of your friends or family or even a local charity who is in need of a new tele or computer.

How to get rid of phones sustainably

Old phones

I know it is great to have a back-up in case you crack your phone for the seventh time or if you lose it overseas but that’s no excuse for keeping your old Nokia. MobileMuster will help you dispose of your old phone for free. Apple has also announced their GiveBack program which actually gives you credit for your old phone, it's a win win.


This is where we need a lot of help. Last year we recycled less than 5% of batteries but this year Aussies are striving to do better. Whatever you do don't throw your batteries in the garbage, check out all of the options of where to dispose of them here and find your closest location. 

Did you know that at the front of every Officeworks is a recycling station where you can recycle batteries, e-waste, ink cartridges and pens for free!

Update: TechCollect and Australia Post have teamed up to offer flat rate e-waste recycling for $14.95 for up to 22kg of waste. Download an Australia Post label now.

Honestly, it isn't as easy as throwing something in the garbage but the benefit we could have on the environment by reducing e-waste is astronomical. Next time you do a clean-out make sure you read this first.

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