6 of the best Australians sustainable bedding brands

By Bern Beyhaut

What's better than having deliciously soft bedding and linen to nestle into?

Having soft and luxurious bedding that is made ethically and sustainably!

Sleep sound and guilt-free knowing that your choice in bedding is friendly to our planet. Here's our top bedding and linen brands for a good (and environmentally friendly) night's sleep. 



Hemp is mother-nature approved, requiring very little water and no ‘cides, synthetics or fertilisers. Known as the most durable of the natural fibres (we are talking about decades here), Eva's Hemp Linen Sheets will soften with age but never look worn — like a good bottle of wine that only gets better with time.

Eva is certified by GOTS, CertiPUR, Eco Institut and OEKO-Tex. All of their products have third party certifications to ensure they are safely and ethically produced

In a nutshell, Eva Hemp linen is extremely durable, deliciously soft and ideal for every climate. And to top that up, it is also one of the most sustainable fabrics available. 

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Established in 2017 in Adelaide, Weft Textiles studio is dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. Their vision is to create a line of soft furnishings and homewares that celebrates both aesthetics and ethical practices, sourcing 100% natural and organic fabrics, such as flax linen, hand spun and woven organic cotton, to create small runs of bed linens.

Weft products are made locally in Australia, supporting and working with independent sewers. All Weft fabrics and dyes are OEKO-TEX®  certified (one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances). Plus, their products are shipped without plastic (so no bubble wrap or plastic satchels).

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Bhumi means “Mother Earth” and their mission is to make a positive impact on our planet and it's people, by inspiring everyone to make positive consumer choices. Bhumi is paving the way for a new era in the textile industry by offering premium products made from organically grown and ethically made cotton in fairtrade factories in India that are aligned to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

Bhumi products are simply premium. NO harmful pesticides, NO toxic dyes, NO child labour & NET ZERO carbon emissions on every purchase. Up to date, they have avoided 895,741 km of driving emissions, saved 10,055,856 days of drinking water and farmed 423,668 m2 of land without pesticides.

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Established in 2017 in VIC, Prinka offers organic bedding for Australia's eco conscious, sleep lovers, to help create luxurious, eco-friendly, comfortable bedrooms.  Prinka's bedding is soft to the touch, breathable, and oh so stylish. But you don't need to take our word for it, just scroll through Prinka's endless 5 star reviews and check out what other people have to say.

Prinka uses 100% organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Their bedding is made in conjunction with a small farming community and is traceable from seed to final product.

Their ethos? Don't compromise on quality or style in order to live a cleaner and more ethical life.

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From Frenchs Forests in NSW, Beatrice and Nicole are the mother-daughter duo behind Hemp Gallery.

Hemp Gallery started with the environmentalist desire to bring education and information to the masses about the value of hemp. After discovering that Hemp could offer all our basic needs; food, clothing, shelter and fuel in an environmentally sustainable way, they realised that the hemp industry was a perfect fit for their personal philosophy. In the late 90's Hemp Market (as it was known back then) was created in the garage of their old home. With a small selection of fabrics they became pioneers in the Australian Hemp Industry.

Their hemp and organic cotton bedding is made in Australia and sourced from a fairtrade factory in Northern China that Beatrice, determined to find a provider that met her sustainability standards, scouted in one of her trips to China. 

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6. Siesta Linen

Siesta Linen's range is owned and manufactured in Australia, supporting fellow manufacturing and trade services in the country. 

But, what does 100% linen bedding actually mean?

  • Brings that effortless feel to your home
  • It can be used throughout all seasons
  • It's more sustainable

Siesta Linen's fabric is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified and their linen is stone washed (without chemicals). 

The goal at Siesta is for their products to be ethically and sustainably made. By sourcing fabric and choosing manufacturers that provide a safe working environment for their staff and choosing to make their products from linen, which requires less water and pesticides than other fibres and comes from the Flax plant that involves minimus waste as the whole plant is utilised. The production of linen also requires less water and pesticides than other fibres. Siesta linen's fabric is also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified.

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With a background in philosophy, creative communications and PR, Bern Beyhaut is passionate about living simply. 


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